In this month’s issue, our contributors share the philosophies that have improved their lives. Kyrian Lyndon talks about conquering self-sabotage with self-love. Amy Henry shares her wisdom about impatience and expectations in “Everything Takes As Long As It Takes.” Rachel Thompson shares social media frustrations and the perfect solutions. We also have a fun interview with author/editor/book designer, K.H. Koehler, who provided an exciting excerpt from her upcoming book, To the Devil A Daughter

In the meantime, here are some New Year resolutions and sentiments from our contributors:

Jim Gault – “I’m really going to finish my next book this winter. No more procrastination or diversions.”

Amy Henry – “Try this: Go outside tonight and light a candle. Invite 3 friends over and do the same. Try it with ten people. A hundred. Then, imagine what the world could be if we harnessed our collective power and worked together for our mutual benefit.”

Kimberly Hoffman – “My resolution is to use the wings I have found to fly!”

Kyrian Lyndon – “I will walk in love—learning, healing, growing, evolving and becoming the best person I can be.”


some Announcements from our Contributors

Brave Wings contributor, James Edgar Gault, has a wonderful online magazine called Vox LitThe Voices of Literature. Vox Lit inspired us to create Brave Wings, so if you have a moment, please check out his e-zine at http://www.voxlit.co.uk/.

Jim has also just published a short FREE non-fiction e-book called Enjoy Books Better with Voxlit.  It’s full of ideas and suggestions for readers and authors. You can get it  here.


Brave Wings contributor, Rachel Thompson, announces that her non-fiction book, Broken Pieces, is on sale for $.99 using these links:



Broken Pieces is an international #1 best seller in Women’s Poetry and Abuse on Amazon (eBooks) and is recommended for mature audiences due to adult themes.

Poetry, prose, and essays to let you into one woman’s life — a searingly raw examination of topics most people avoid. Not easy subjects — childhood sexual abuse, love, loss, date rape, grief — but real ones, told in pieces (thus the title).

5/5 Stars Readers’ Favorite Review Winner
2013 eFestival of Words Best Non-Fiction (General) Winner
2014 Kindle Book Award Non-Fiction Finalist
2013 eBook Cover Design Award Gold Star Winner
2013 San Francisco Book Festival Honorable Mention
2013 Global eBook Award Women Studies Non-Fiction Gold Medal Winner

For those interested, Rachel hosts a weekly live Twitter chat #SexAbuseChat, (Tuesdays, 6pm pst), and a #BookMarketingChat (Wednesdays 6pm pst) to help writers learn how to market their work.


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