“I’m not an American, but the photos below are part of a slideshow I made for a WW1 memorial event, in honor of a relative of mine killed in WW1.” – Jim Gault

“Our veteran’s memorial stretches towards the heavens and lists the names of those from our county who gave their lives to secure that freedom. Letters written by some of these soldiers are inscribed there, as well. One letter is from my mother’s cousin. On Memorial Day, I choose to be thankful for those who willingly chose to serve our country. No matter your politics; these brave women and men chose to put their lives on the line for your rights and freedoms because freedom isn’t free.” – Kimberly Hoffman

“Countries are built because of the dedication, bravery, and strength of soldiers. With everything a soldier gives and everything they are, we—the ones you protect—are grateful from the bottom of our hearts to the stars billions of miles away. Thank you, troops.” Michelle Lowe

“My father was one of the incredibly brave men who fought for this country, a sergeant on the front line who returned home with a Purple Heart. He was so modest about his service, never expecting praise or a thank you, but he deserved all of that! I was never more touched or more proud than when I attended the military funeral for my dad, and when my sister and I accepted the American flag from his fellow soldiers to say thank you to him from a grateful nation. So many tears. I want to say thank you, too, to all the men and women who have served and their families for the incredible sacrifices they make to keep us free.” – Kyrian Lyndon

“The soldier, above all other people, prays for peace, for he must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war.” Douglas MacArthur, American soldier

In this month’s issue of Brave Wings, we will have, in addition to this Memorial Day tribute, a fun interview with the multi-talented author, Michelle Lowe, who provides a bonus excerpt from Volume 1 of her Legacy series. Also, in the May issue, Amy Henry expounds on protecting our daughters from sexism in her insightful article titled “Real Girl vs. Real World.” Rachel Thompson sheds light on the importance of boundaries and self-care in a brilliantly relatable blog called “This is Why Peopling is Hard.” Kyrian Lyndon opens up about growing up the rebel in a world obsessed with sameness in “That Crazy Desire to Conquer Love with Hate.” And Jim Gault discusses the book “Milkman” by Anna Burns in his lovely and thoughtful review. This content will be posted over the next week so follow our blog and watch this space!

In future issues, we hope to host no-fee contests for short stories, poetry, and photography with prizes that include publication, cash, gift cards, and books. Stay tuned!

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