It was Bill Gates who once said, “Life’s unfair, get used to it!”

As a person addicted to great quotes, this happens to be one of my favorites of all time. I have it boldly inscribed in art form and pasted as wallpaper where I can see it every day. As simple and straightforward as it is, it conveys a profound message laden with so much wisdom.

So, what can you and I derive from this beautiful quote?

  1. You are not necessarily entitled to anything in life, even if you work your **s off for it. You can still be entitled to everything in life, only if that energy is channeled in the right direction without giving up.
  2. Depending on your definition of success, people—some far younger than you, some your mates and some far older than you—would get ahead of you in the race to climbing the ladder of success.
  3. You are not going to succeed at everything you try your hand at like others might. However, that is no reason to give up. Know what you can and cannot do and modify your strategies to move forward. A reporter once asked Thomas Edison how it felt to fail 1000 times while inventing the light bulb and he replied, “I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.”
  4. People will be better than you in some of the things you are good at, but envy and and jealousy are futile. Although these could be positive energies too, in the form of challenging us to be better at what we do, we often tend to channel them negatively. So, instead of trying to be the center of attention, try brightening the corner where you are.
  5. To enjoy success in the future, you need to make sacrifices now! While others are spending lavishly on fashion, cars, holidays, travels, etc., you are investing in acquiring the knowledge necessary for success.
  6. You need to be resilient in your quest to gain success because nothing is going to come to you as quickly as it may seem to for others. We all have our paths to cut, and these paths come with different ‘sizes of thorns.’ Resilience is the only character attribute that can get us to cut through, so do not unnecessarily compare yourself with others when you can move at your own comfortable pace and arrive at your destination in tact.
  7. Sometimes in life you’re going to be taunted and left out of the group for being different, and you may drop out. Bill Gates, the man credited with this quote, as we know, dropped out of college after two years to pursue his dreams and the rest is history. He knows what he’s talking about. Instead of letting these become depressants, see them as stepping stones and motivational forces towards success.

I’m not suggesting that you shelf your standards and tolerate abuse, discrimination, nonsense, or mediocrity. And, this is not a lure into some motivational utopia intended to provide delusional hope. It’s an approach to help you overcome everyday mental blocks that stall growth. It’s a suggestion that you should test an alternative approach that’s more likely to strengthen your resolve and give you the peace of mind required for healthy and prosperous living. I am no psychologist. I talk as someone who had personally benefited from the application of this approach for many years.

So, what if, after giving your all and your best,

  • A partner cheats on you, or a friend betrays you?
  • You believe another person looks better than you? 
  • You failed in business or failed crucial exams?
  • A top position you’ve eyed all your life at the workplace was given to the other person though you’ve won the best worker award many times?
  • You won the best worker award but somehow lost your job the next year due to downsizing?
  • You think another person is more successful than you? 

Yeah, it’s unfair. It’s tough! Get used to it!

You see, the beauty of adopting the ‘getting used to it’ mentality is that it builds your defensive mechanism and gives you the ability of almost ‘divine’ understanding of human nature—to the point where you become impervious to any unfortunate event in life. To the point where you would have no need to compare with others or any obligation to impress them. You would accept who you are and play your part in this beautiful world. This point of understanding builds in you a forgiving spirit that lifts all burdens from your shoulders.

So, develop those Brave Wings and ascend to victory because this perspective actually works. Believe me, it does!! 


Edited in Lumia Selfie

Michael Lamptey is a social/collaboration entrepreneur, internet marketing guide, web developer and freelance blogger.

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