Brave Wings is fortunate to have many regular contributors, but we do accept submissions from new contributors, as long as the content is good and related to our platform.

With the exception of our monthly interviews, contributors to Brave Wings do not necessarily submit content created exclusively for us.  In general, we offer articles, photos, excerpts, and stories that we believe our readers will enjoy, even if they have been shared elsewhere, with a goal to help creators get the more extensive exposure they deserve.

We understand that many creatives have no interest in sharing their work purely for exposure. For the time being, however, that is what we offer.

In terms of content, we focus on the human condition—whatever we experience in life that helps us learn, grow, and evolve. Sharing perspectives about healing and empowerment can be exciting and helpful, but we also want to provide entertainment and fun while sharing the beauty of creativity.

Some of the topics we will cover:

Adversity, anxiety, artist(s), authors, books, writing (editing tips and experiences), childhood, classic literature, codependency, compassion, creativity, depression, dreams, ego, evolving, feeling unworthy, fiction pieces and excerpts, fun, giving back, gratitude, grief, growing, healing, hope, humanity, humility, humor, inspiration, interviews, judgment, learning, letting go, life, loss, love, mental health, narcissism, oppression, panic attacks, parenting, passion, poetry, politics, prejudice, reading and reviews, recovery from addiction and trauma, relationships, religion, romance, sadness, self-sabotage, self-care and self-love, shame, stigma, stress, and tolerance.

For entertainment, we are interested in short stories, excerpts, and book series (all genres). We’re interested in humor.

For creativity, we may be interested in photos, handmade products, something that showcases your talent.

We may accept book reviews that are submitted to us as a recommendation, but we don’t assign books for review.

We may consider recipes since many people are looking for healthier options that are relatively quick and easy.

Our interviews feature contributors to the magazine and other interesting people. With our goal to be as helpful as possible in showcasing our interviewees and their talents, the interviews have become our most popular feature!

All content for submission (including interviews) may include blogs, videos, audios, slideshows, and photographs.

Please see the submissions page for instructions on how to submit. If we do not accept your submission, please don’t be discouraged. You can try again with a different contribution that may be a better fit for our platform.

We will share all of our magazine articles individually and collectively on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and also retweet once on Twitter.

Magazine contributors get a listing on our contributor page that links to their archives on the Brave Wings site. The amount of information we provide for each contributor is equivalent to how much he or she contributes.

Our regulars are encouraged to inform us of any personal or professional announcements they’d like us to include in one of the magazine issues.

We also have a group for those who participate or would like to and a chat room where our members can hold monitored topic meetings to promote their talent/business upon request.

We would like to eventually have a community that includes a discussion forum and chat.

Right now, our little magazine continues to grow. People seem to enjoy it. It is possible that we may one day be able to monetize the site and offer payment for submitted work.

At the same time, if it does not continually grow and entertain, we may, at some point, decide it’s not worth the effort to maintain, so now is the chance for people who want the exposure to get involved and even help us make the magazine a success.

If you are interested, please follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Share your work for the magazine as well as the work of others. We thank you!

Brave Wings Magazine was founded in August 2018 by author, Kyrian Lyndon.