December 2019 – John Gregory Hancock

John Gregory Hancock has been a graphic professional for many years, His graphic journalism garnered international awards, and was nominated for a Pulitzer. He incorporates his visual sense in his ability to spin compelling yarns.

Currently, he has seven books on the market and has written for The Future Chronicles anthology series, whose titles have hit the overall Amazon Top 10 Bestsellers list. The Immortality Chronicles – a Top 5 SF Anthology and Hot New Release – featured his story ‘The Antares Cigar Shoppe’, which was also nominated for Best American Science Fiction.

His work has appeared in other anthologies, including; Prep For Doom, Bite-Sized Offerings: Tales & Legends of the Zombie Apocalypse, Flying Toasters – The DeadPixel Tales, and Off the Kuf.

February 2020 – Richard Torrey

Richard Torrey is the author/illustrator of fifteen books and the illustrator of dozens more. For the better part of two decades, he has also been the creator of a top-selling line of greeting cards for Recycled Paper Greetings.

After graduating from Allegheny College, Torrey created the first of two successful syndicated comic strips; Hartland (King Features), followed with a sports strip, PETE and CLETE (Creators Syndicate), both of which appeared in hundreds of newspapers around the world.

 During that time, Richard was also an editorial cartoonist for The National (sports daily), as well as a regular contributor to Inside Sports Magazine, Inside Hockey, Fanzine Media (a European hockey magazine published in Sweden, Finland, and Norway), Kid City Magazine (a Sesame St. Publication), Highlights Magazine, The Hockey News, and Football Digest.

Torrey also spent time working with Disney on the development of an animated children’s series for their preschool division, Playhouse Disney.

Richard is on the faculty of The Art League of Long Island, where for the past 27 years he has taught classes in cartooning and anime/manga.

April 2020 – Zed Null

In addition to being a writer and artist, Zed Null is a First Nation Blackfoot shaman, trance medium, and seer/healer. He teaches pain management using non-drug based/non-invasive Usui reiki and visual pain management techniques.

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